Suggested Staging Tips

• Kitchen: Aromas from fragrant goodies like freshly baked gingerbread, brownies, or just brewed coffee bring back wonderful memories of home

• Bathrooms: Always have fresh towels in bathrooms. Buy new shower curtains; old ones are usually spotted with mildew. Put new soap in the soap dishes.

• Clear everything off your refrigerator. Most folks use magnets or tape to stick everything from vacation snapshots and finger-painting masterpieces. Clear everything off.

• Comfort: Keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A house that’s too hot or too cold is not inviting.

• Flowers: Vases of colorful, fresh flowers spotted throughout the house make a wonderful impression on prospective buyers.

Suggested Exterior Improvements

• Painting: Touch up your hose’s exterior paint before you put it on the market. Pain and/or clean the front door.

• Lawn: Keep your lawn freshly mowed and neatly trimmed

• Sidewalks: Sweep your sidewalks daily • Shrubbery: Remove or replace any dead or dying trees, hedges, or shrubs; prune anything that looks unsightly or overgrown

• Flowers: Filling flowerbeds with seasonal flowers is an inexpensive way to add color and charm to your property

• Repairs: Be sure that all gutters and downspouts are in place and clean. Replace missing roof shingles and broken or cracked windows.

• Make sure the garage door is greased and working properly and the house address numbers are easily visible.

• Replace stray or warped roofing shingles. Straighten sagging gutters. Repaint or replace our mailbox if it shows signs of heavy wear.

• Windows: Keep your windows spotless.

Suggested Interior Improvements

• Clean, scrub, and polish: Keep your stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances spotlessly clean inside and out.

• Clean and spot treat all carpeting. Polish wood floors and vinyl flooring. Clean walls, doors, and woodwork.

• Eliminate odors: Buyers will notice strong smells as soon as they walk through your front door. Especially if cooking exotic foods. Eliminate smoke, mildew, and pet odors.

• Fix drippy faucets and running toilets. If any of your sinks or bathtubs drain slowly, unclog them.

• Get rig of clutter: Keep clutter off of kitchen counters and dirty dishes out of the sink. Depersonalize. Straighten all closets.

• Make cosmetic improvements. Painting is not expensive, just choose neutral colors

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